GD no. 937/2016: SMEs which make an initial investment can access a non-reimbursable financing up to 5 million lei

Under GD no. 937/2016, SMEs can receive a non-reimbursable state aid up to 5 million lei to develop their businesses. In order to obtain the financing, entrepreneurs must comply with certain eligibility criteria: to make initial investments with a total value of at least 4.5 million lei (VAT exclusive) that generate financial contributions to the regional development, to prove their economic efficiency and viability during the implementation period of the project and five years as of its completion, according to the business plan.  Moreover, in order to be qualified for the non-reimbursable financing under GD no. 937/2016, investors must ensure the co-financing of the project through their own resources or through other external financing sources which are not subject to any other public aid. The registration in the state scheme will be made online on the website of the Ministry of Economy. Besides the full drafting of the financing documentation and the implementation of the project, we will also assist you with the online registration in the scheme and with the submission of the application, including assistance for a proper upload of all necessary documents and a correct fill-in of the specific sections of the application.

The activity sectors for which State aid is not granted are:

  • agriculture, forestry and fishing
  • extractive industry
  • manufacturing industry
  • production and supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning
  • construction
  • wholesale and retail; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles
  • transport and storage
  • information and communications
  • financial intermediation and insurance
  • real estate transactions
  • professional, scientific and technical
  • activities of administrative services and business support service
  • public administration and defense; social security insurance
  • arts, entertainment and recreation service activities
  • activities of households as employers of domestic personnel; activities of private households producing goods and services for own use
  • activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies