Looking for business ideas or ways to expand your current business?

The development of the optimal financing that you need for the project you are initiating or involved in

The drafting and completion of documents as required by banking institutions for obtaining the necessary funding

I.I. Non-reimbursable grants

• Assist customers in preparing applications for grants

• Assist customers with implementation, management and monitoring of approved grants

Tailored training for the customers’ project team

I.II. Co-financing

• Assist customers in looking for and obtaining co-financing for grants

Mediation with commercial banks regarding the terms and conditions of loans

Negotiation for guarantee funds (such as FNGCIMM and FGCR)

The solid network of contacts in the financial sector that AQUA FINANCIAL CONSULTING has developed (including with banks and guarantee funds) allows us to offer you fast and flexible financing solutions which enable both quick access to non-refundable grants, and the realisation of your business development projects.

• Support for institutional strengthening

• Support for implementing public policies, strategies, action plans

• Support for programs management (evaluation, monitoring and control, financial management)

• Training and capacity building

• Communication, awareness campaigns

Courses tailored to customers’ needs (public institutions / private companies) upon request. We address various topics such as project management, financial management, governance, strategic planning, public policy, public procurement, entrepreneurship.

Support our customers in identifying local or international partners for developing joint projects. We play the role of broker or facilitator to bring together two or more organizations (either public or private as well as combination of) in order to develop strategic projects with national/transnational impact, ensuring the value-added of the multi-sectoral partnerships and achieving the specific results.

• Industry

• Health (medical services)

• Enviroment

• Energy

• Business development

• Research development innovation

• Information, technology and communications

• Agriculture

• Tourism

• Public administration