Guide to Obtaining Funding

Improving an existing business, or setting up (or expanding) a business into a new field of activity can be achieved by means of a non-refundable grants, and these are available to Romanian and foreign investors.

To maximise your chances of gaining access to a grant, there are four steps which must be followed:

  1. Identify an appropriate non-refundable grant programme. The essential aspect each investor must take into account in the selection of an appropriate financing program is the nature of the investment project you are aiming to implement, and the type of company you are.
  2. Prepare the relevant documentation. Documents should be drafted fully, accurately and in a timely fashion.  Knowledge of the specific documents you need is particularly important in order to be eligible form your chosen project to receive funding.
  3. Implement the approved investment project. Correct implementation requires compliance with all the obligations stipulated in the financing documentation of the approved project.
  4. Comply with all the obligations stipulated in the non-refundable grant agreement throughout the monitoring period in order to ensure successful implementation and secure the grant that has been obtained.